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  Your Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Specialist

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Advies Wealth was a selected and approved participant  of "The Parliamentary Review" on Finance 2017.
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We are one of the UK's leading (DB) Defined Benefit transfer specialists. This type of pension may also be known as a Final Salary Pension. We cover client requirements across the entire UK and our objective is to meet with the potential client within 72hrs of the initial request for advice.

The meeting can be held in your home, office or any suitable venue of your choice.

We believe that the personal meeting can be most beneficial in ascertaining the needs and requirements of you the client. This also serves to give both parties the opportunity to have that all important face to face meeting offering a feeling of security and access to your advisor during the whole transaction.

Working alongside our compliance partners "Better Retirement Group Ltd" (BRGL) FCA No 153420 who operate a strong and resilient policy of customer satisfaction for our clients during the pension transfer process. This partnership also offers added comfort and security to the client knowing a 'four-eye' policy is carried out during every single transfer undertaken.

Advies Wealth and BRGL adhere to all the current FCA requirements and will be fully explicit with all fees if a transfer takes place.

Advies Wealth has a fully staffed office that will be pleased to assist with any questions and subsequent requirements you may have during and after you pension transfer.

Our office is available 9am - 5pm Monday - Thursday and 9am - 4pm on Friday.

Transferring you pension is a huge decision and, in some cases, it would not be the best outcome for you and your family. Therefore, it is our policy not to charge any fee for advice and recommendations unless a transfer takes place. This is our guarantee to you and one we believe is not offered by many transfer providers.

For cost efficiency our fees are paid to us on the day of the pension transfer from your pension scheme to the new the new provider. It avoids clients paying from previously taxed earned income.

Give your pension plans some thought.

You will not lose anything to request a personalised report on a possible Pension transfer. The advice will be accurate and in your best interests. If it's not right, we will tell you and you will have lost nothing.

Since April 2015 and George Osborn's Pension freedoms, many things will have changed and without doubt your personal circumstances will also evolve. In the past staying with your final salary pension (DB) scheme has been the best option. However, other factors may now mean that a transfer away from your DB scheme may be worthy of consideration.

Some of the reason for considering a transfer may be:
Recent government changes to pension rules.
The recent collapse of high profile companies.
Poor health
Large black holes in some major company pension schemes.
The desire to benefit from the 25% tax free cash you can receive age 55.
Wanting to take advantage of flexible access
Transfer values (CETV) are presently high due to low annuity rates and many large companies are encouraging members to transfer their pensions to help improve their long-term Pension liabilities.

What are my options

Leave everything unchanged.

If you want a minimal risk income that is guaranteed for life your plan may well provide this. It may well be if were to conduct a review of your pension we would advise you to stay in the plan, but this is not always the case. Personal soft facts ascertained during our meeting may well present circumstances that could offer you opportunities not previously considered. Only a Pension review carried out by a Pension transfer specialist will give you the knowledge and peace of mind that you are making the correct decision.

Consider your options.

Now is an appropriate time to consider your options. This will not affect your present benefits from your existing plan in any way, but you will be informed and in control of any opportunities that a transfer could bring to you.

If any of the following points raise thoughts in your mind, then a pension review is certainly recommended
Investigate the value of your CETV, this is your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value.
Take up to 25% cash, tax free from your pension fund (you must be 55yrs old or over)
Concern of the solvency of your existing pension provider or fund.
Take control of your pension drawdown options later in life.

Our team of FCA approved advisors would be very pleased to review your pension plans and formalise an informative report for your considered thoughts. This report will clearly show all options available to you including any failings or good points of your existing plan, finalising with options available to you for ongoing investment of your Pension. These options will be presented to you with your report along with the research of the market to ensure the best possible investment options will be available to you.

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